Cognoa provides employers with an innovative family benefit that serves all parents of young children.

Clinically-validated. Trusted by 300,000 families.

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Did you know 1 in 6 of your employees' children may have developmental delay?

Child development is a major concern for parents and a source of stress, distraction, and absenteeism among employees.

Fast Answers & Peace of Mind

Our clinically-validated developmental assessment can be completed at home in just a few minutes.

Fast answers

Support For Every Parent

We help with developmental milestones, play, restless behavior, sleep, socialization, speech, tantrums, autism, and ADHD.

Supporting parents

Personalized Engagement

We send parents activities from our experts that are customized to each child's needs and provide access to a library of expert Q&A.

Personalized engagement

Expedited Care When It Matters Most

For families that need it, we provide care navigation to help them access life-changing early interventions.

Early intervention

Cognoa's assessment is the foundation for all other child development support services.

Built on cutting-edge data science that significantly reduces screening time while upholding the accuracy of traditional diagnostic tools.

  • Developed through five years of clinical research at:

  • Harvard 2x
  • Stanford 2x

Parent Stories

Lots of parents want reassurance that their child is on track. It's also imperative to know if your child is behind. Great tool to assist with both!

Parent Stories

Since [using Cognoa], my son has been on the fast track in receiving services necessary to help him achieve typical growth and development. We have seen an incredible amount of progress in just a few months' time. We are very grateful to you.

Parent Stories

Gives quick response and has plenty of activities to help your child. This seems like a great way to get ideas on how to best support your child when you aren't sure.

Parent Stories

Gave me more understanding about what is going on with my son. Also showing me I am not alone. There are other parents dealing with some of the things I am.

Do you work in Human Resources? Learn how you can support employees with their number one concern: their children. If you are a parent who is not inquiring for employee benefits click here