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How it works

Free Assessment

Free Assessment

Learn whether your child's development is on track in 5 minutes.

Parents Like You

Parents Like You

Join the largest community of active parents who are helping their children reach critical developmental milestones.

Optional Video Evaluation

Optional Video Evaluation

Privately and securely send Cognoa short videos of your child's natural behavior at home.

Detailed Results

Detailed Results

Receive detailed feedback on your videos about important areas of your child's development, including what you can do to help.

How we help families

Watch our short video to learn how Cognoa is helping parents take a more active role in their child's development.

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Scientifically based

Our approach was developed by researchers at Harvard and Stanford medical schools and is being embraced by leading diagnostic centers.

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Totally private

You can take our assessment on your mobile phone in the privacy of your own home. We encrypt your information to keep it safe and secure.

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Incredibly easy

Get quick results with our questionnaire, or submit a short video of your child’s everyday behavior at home for more detailed feedback.

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Cognoa's evaluation confirmed that we were right to trust our instincts as parents and helped us access the best care for our daughter.

Mom of Ava, age 3