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Cognoa is a team of experienced scientists, healthcare executives, and internet entrepreneurs united by a common goal: helping parents quickly learn their child’s risk for developmental delay and autism. The sooner parents know, the more ability they have to help their child, and every family deserves that chance.

What we are building

The consumer mobile app for parents to quickly and securely find out if their child’s development is on track. Our users provide information about their child’s behavior and upload short videos of their child’s normal play from the comfort and privacy of home. Cognoa’s trained behavior analysts then provide a rapid, personalized assessment of the child’s behavior, using the company’s proprietary big data & machine learning algorithms developed and validated Harvard & Stanford Medical Schools. Parents can share the Cognoa assessment with their doctor in order to get their child the right care at the most effective time.

Senior Data Scientist

Excited about using machine learning to incite meaningful societal change? Want to help us reinvent the way parents use technology to monitor and improve the health of their young children? We are looking for a senior data scientist with solid foundational knowledge, proven record of tackling hard problems in the real world, and an overflowing passion to make a difference.

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Senior Mobile Developer

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