Autism Spectrum Disorder

Coping and Support

Raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be physically and emotionally exhausting for families. Some suggestions to relieve this pressure and help you and your child in deal with ASD include:

  • : Finding answers to your question and learning the truth about ASD can help bring peace of mind as your child develops.
  • : It is important to surround yourself by the best health care professionals that you and your child can trust and rely on as you seek out services and resources.
  • : Other families who have experience with ASD may have useful advice and may be able to provide a good support community.
  • : New approaches to ASD are constantly being developed and it may be helpful to stay on top of research
  • : Keep a record of conversations, meetings with healthcare professionals, teachers, and other sources of information to help you remember the best options for your child and make the best choices going forward.
  • : Keep a record of doctor’s records and evaluations. This may help with enrolling your child in certain programs.
  • : Contact local autism groups or health departments to learn about resource centers and programs near you.
  • : Speak with doctors, teachers, and other experts to help you develop an intervention plan for your child
  • : It can be very stressful to care for a child with ASD. Take time out to relax and enjoy yourself in order to avoid burning out.

Next Steps

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