According to the estimates by the CDC, 1 in 68 children has some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The prevalence of of ASD is almost five times higher in boys (1 in 42) than in girls (1 in 189).

Risk Factors


  • Parents with a child that has ASD have a 2-18% chance of having another child that also has ASD.
  • About 10% of children with ASD also tend to have other disorders such as Down Syndrome, Tuberous Sclerosis, and Fragile X Syndrome.
  • About 46% of children with ASD have average or above average intelligence.
  • Children are at higher risk for ASD if they are born to older parents.



  • Research suggests that children can be reliably diagnosed by age 2. Unfortunately, the average age of diagnosis in the US is 4.5 years.
  • Most parents of children with ASD notice some sort of developmental delay before their child turns one.

Next Steps

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