Developmental Disabilities

Speech and Language Delay

Children grow and develop at different rates. Some may acquire abilities early while others may need extra time. One important area of development is speech and language. Language and speech problems are one of the most common types of developmental delay, with about 25% of children are categorized as “late talkers”. Sometimes, there is no need for concern because most children catch up by the age of 2; however, some children may have a disability that requires medical or specialist attention.

Speech involves the sounds that come out of a child’s mouth. It includes the method in which words and sounds are formed. Incomprehensible speech is often a cause for concern and may be due to certain problems such as stuttering and mispronunciation. Language is a measure of intelligence and refers more to meanings than sounds. Children with language delays tend to develop language skills at a slower rate and these delays are usually more serious than speech delays. Although speech and language are different, they do tend to overlap in many children.