Speech and Language Delay

What causes Speech and Language Delay?

There are many factors than can cause impairments in speech and language development. Some may indicate that your child is simply a late bloomer, while others may point towards a more serious underlying condition. It may be helpful to speak to a health professional if you are concerned that your child is experiencing speech and language delays caused by one of the following:

  •  Children who are born prematurely may need more time than other children to reach certain milestones, but will usually catch up by the age of 2.
  •  If children are exposed to multiple languages, they may experience small delays early on.
  •  Poor hearing abilities when a child is first learning to process language can often lead to speech delays
  •  ASD is a developmental disability that causes serious social, behavioral, and communication challenges. It includes disorders such as autism, asperger’s, and pervasive developmental disorder. Speech and language problems tend to be early signs of ASD.
  •  Developmental Speech and Language Disorder is a common learning disability that makes it difficult for children to make speech sounds, use spoken language, or understand others.
  •  Children with intellectual disabilities may find it difficult to learn how to speak and often have speech and language delays.
  •  Children with auditory processing disorder are unable to decode certain speech sounds.
  •  This is a motor speech disorder that makes it difficult for children to say syllables and words. In this disorder, the brain is unable to coordinate the muscle movements necessary for speech.
  •  Problems such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, dysarthria, and traumatic brain injury can lead to muscle weakness or paralysis that makes it difficult for children to speak.
  •  Disorders such as cleft lip or cleft palate can affect the lip, tongue, jaw, and mouth, which can lead to certain delays.
  •  This a disorder in which children will not speak in certain situations, often in response to some type of trauma.

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