Speech and Language Delay

Pathology and Therapy

If you or your doctor suspect that your child may have a speech or language delay, it is important to get evaluated by a speech-language pathologist as early possible. This specialist will conduct an evaluation that tests:

  •  This checks how a child’s mouth, palate, and tongue work together in processes such as speech, eating, and swallowing.
  •  Does your child attempt to communicate non verbally using gestures, head-shaking, pointing, etc.?
  •  What does your child seem to understand?
  •  What is your child able to say?

If your child is diagnosed with a speech or language delay, there will be many forms of treatment that the speech-language pathologist may recommended. One of the main forms of treatment is speech therapy, which helps your child improve their speech and language skills. Therapists also work with parents to help them learn how improve their child’s abilities at home. Other suggestions for parents to help their children include:

  • Reading to your children every day
  • Communicating (talking, singing, etc.) with your children more often and encouraging repetition
  • Reinforcing speech and language during the day

Next Steps

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