Children grow and develop at different rates, but developmental milestones can offer important clues about your child’s growth.

By the age of 2 years, most babies will:


  • Speak simple sentences of about 2-4 words
  • Point to items when they are named
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Repeat overheard words and sounds
  • Know the names of body parts and familiar people


  • Copy other adults and children
  • Show more independence and some defiant behavior
  • Be excited when around other children
  • Express affection towards familiar people


  • Be able to sort colors and shapes
  • Finish sentences from familiar books
  • Understand two-step instructions
  • Identify objects in picture books
  • Participate in simple pretend play
  • Possibly use one hand more than the other

Movement and Physical Development

  • Start to run
  • Stand on their toes
  • Be able to kick a ball
  • Climb up and down furniture
  • Throw a ball using overhand