Parenting Styles


Out of all the parenting styles, authoritarian parenting is the strictest. Authoritarian parents require complete obedience from their children and do not encourage autonomy or free thinking. To them, children should be treated like mini-adults and likewise be expected to act as such. They believe in the authority of the parent and that children should obey.

You might be an authoritarian parent if you:

  • Do not engage in conversations with your children explaining the reasoning behind your action.
  • Do not compromise with your children.
  • Expect unquestioned obedience from your children.
  • Have clear rules and punishments for your children. These punishments can include shaming or taking away privileges.
  • Desire complete control over your children and your children’s behavior.
  • Often make disapproving comments as opposed to or encouraging comments.

How children are affected:

  • Children of authoritarian parents tend to be very well behaved and get into less trouble with authority figures such teachers.
  • Sometimes children will act out aggressively to other children.
  • Children can be reluctant to admit to any wrongdoing as to about punishment and might try and blame someone else.
  • Other reported issues include difficulty socializing with other children, becoming socially withdrawn and lacking in self-reliance and self-regulation.
  • In some instances, children have low self-esteem and area afraid of failing, leading to an unnatural pressure to perform.

If you are an authoritarian parent, you might want to consider having more open discussions with your children. There is nothing wrong with setting rules and having high expectations, just make sure that they are age appropriate. Make sure that your children understand why you expect certain behavior out of them and that the consequence is not too harsh. It is important to nurture children’s curious minds and support their exploration. If you have trouble communicating with your child, you can always talk to your pediatrician for advice.