Parenting Styles


Permissive parents are more lenient than authoritarian parents and permissive parents. They allow their children to self regulate and do not make many demands of them. They are also very nurturing and supportive of their children, going out of their way to be available for them and helping them through problems.

You might be a permissive parent if you:

  • HHave some rules but do not have as many as authoritarian and authoritative parents. You are less stringent and tend to be very lax with discipline.
  • Are often inconsistent with your rules.
  • Are very attentive and loving towards your children. Sometimes you act more like a friend than a parent.
  • Reward good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. You also might bribe children with toys or food.

How children are affected:

  • These children often lack self-discipline and this can be evident in school settings.
  • They also often lack social skills such as sharing are are self-absorbed and demanding.
  • Other problems that arise are due to alcohol use and drug use, since these children are not used to boundaries.
  • These children can also be prone to tantrums because they are used to getting their way. Although the may be very sociable, this could cause issues in deeper relationships.

If you are a permissive parent, it is important to understand the difference between being a friend to your children and being a parent. It is important that children have an authority figure in their lives to help them understand respect and proper behavior. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to take it to an extreme. Just be consistent in your rules and their consequences, and make sure your children understand the reasons behind them. You can talk to your children’s preschool or school teachers for advice.